Quantum Leap to 5G ServiceNow Reporting

Are you falling short in making actionable decisions from your ServiceNow data coupled with real- or near real-time events from other source systems – e.g. finance, privacy, procurement, risk, sales, security and other decision engines? 

Pro-Ture Associates continue to help many organizations just like yours, take surprises and luck out of the equation, so that you realize resource time savings, decreased risk and full data transparency that aid clear decision making.


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Book a session and download the case study now to aspire towards developing mature, transparent analytics that inform on:

    • Application Scoring and Value Analysis
    • Application Strategic Breakdown and Risk Overview
    • Application Functional Overlap and Merge Opportunity
    • Application Vendor Lifecycle
    • Application, Technology and Infrastructure Cost Summary
    • Retirement, Archival and Decommission Lifecycle Status
    • Service and Vendor Contract Matrix
    • Technology and Infrastructure Standards Non-Compliance


Learn about the full range of reporting and analytics that our analysts and data scientists support!