Drowning in a Sea of Applications That are Sinking Your Bottom Line??

Many organizations like yours already understand the importance of knowing the total cost of ownership (TCO) by portfolio, owner, risk, value, criticality, type and drivers. True application rationalization and digital transformations goals include a full view of application spend, including migrations, application upgrades and new application deployments.

For many companies, this means implementing and adopting a rigorous cost model that drives trust in the overall application portfolio management spend, with a keen focus on application consolidation, decommission, retirement and archival metrics over time.

Our case study Drowning in a Sea of Applications That are Sinking Your Bottom Line highlights how companies can successfully bridge the gap between reducing spend and developing a suitable application strategy that focuses on modernizing the application portfolio, reducing IT complexity and risk, and consolidating tools to track portfolio state.


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  • Establish a quantitative baseline on the efficiency and effectiveness of the current application landscape.
  • Streamline application workflows inclusive of onboarding, retirement, archival and decommissioning.
  • Align application portfolio lifecycle with application trending, enterprise architecture future-state roadmaps, business capability model, portfolio KPI’s, applications going out of support and infrastructure end-of-life (EOL).
  • Integrate business and IT risk, security and compliance with an integrated risk framework – inclusive of an application scoring framework.   

Apply an enterprise cost model to determine which applications have the highest spend across application type, business criticality and value.